Error detected when finding port for bootloader

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Error detected when finding port for bootloader

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I have no trouble uploading sketches to the Arduino IDE. PlatformIO is also functional. I even manually tried AVRdude, and if I follow a specific reset technique, it works. I'm also competent with programs like QMK Toolbox.

However, I'm having problems with Arduino Builder. "Forcing reset using 1200bps open/close on com4" is where I get stuck. For roughly ten seconds, I watch the board's LED blink once every two seconds, after which I receive the message "no new port found".

Resetting the board to access the bootloader is not possible. I know it's not resetting because device manager does not refresh during the process.

When I enter the following commands at the command prompt: mode COM4 baud=1200 parity=n data=8 stop=1, the device management responds to the reset by staying in DFU mode for two to three seconds before returning to normal mode. The system successfully resets the port.

Does the reset code have a bug? I'm working with version 1.0.13.
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