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Freematics one+ model H on trucks

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2023 12:44 am
by alfespo97
Hello, i'm currently working on a system of speed advisoring for truck drivers and i've experienced many issues when trying to read real-time data from OBD port of a truck. I've tried different hardwares with no good result and now i was trying to do that with your product Freematics one+ model H. I've tried to plug it in a Mercedes Actros, after the building and loading of the firmware J1939_monitor, found on Github. So when i plugged in the Freematics, I couldn't see any output on the console because the OBD connection with the vehicle was never established(the firmware will remain blocked on the line of code that tries to establish the OBD connection). A few days ago, I've tried the Freematics on an Iveco Stralis, in this case i've used the J1939_monitor firmware again, the OBD connection was established with no errors but in the serial console i could only see the FECA PGN printed periodically. Now i can't figure out where the error is,beacuse the model H is supposed to work with trucks and i can't understand why it can't connect with a Mercedes or why it gives me only one PGN. Thanks in advance for your help and have a good day!

Re: Freematics one+ model H on trucks

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2023 1:36 pm
by nodeshand

Re: Freematics one+ model H on trucks

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2024 6:38 pm
by jesse99
To fix truck data reading issues, you can try alternative J1939 firmwares like J1939_diagtool and consult Freematics support with detailed fnf setup info for specific guidance.