2016 Audi A6 C7

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2016 Audi A6 C7

Post by baki83 »

Hi all,

I want to equip my 2016 Audi A6 C7 (actually C7.5 since it's restyling model) with an open source tracking solution and stumbled upon traccar project which looks very promising. They recommend Freematics ONE+ Traccar Edition device on their Device page. I was not able to find any manual or anything that relates to an Audi installation - I guess I just have to plug into OBD port.

1. My question is will this work on my car? Do I need to additionally check or set something or it will work out of the box?
2. From your experience, is the internal GPS antenna good enough for reception in the crowded area (downtown of a big city) or
You preferred to use external antenna?
3. Do I need to turn off OBD alarm via coding?
4. If I choose to buy Hologram SIM card, what plan will I get? They have 3 plans, Essential, Advanced and Premium, which one I get? https://www.hologram.io/pricing/

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Re: 2016 Audi A6 C7

Post by Timmie »

Better late than never I hope. I use a Freematics ONE+ in my Audi A6 C7.5 /w Traccar

1. Being an open source project, I would caution you - its not a consumer plug-and-play solution. It is a solution targeted at technology enthusiasts if you ask me. You should be ready to write some code, run some docker containers.
2. I found the internal GPS to be pretty good, I considered splitting the signal from the shark fin antenna, but the internal one was good enough for me.
3. No, I did not have to change any coding on the car
4. I didn't use the Hologram one so cannot comment on this. I just used one from my local carrier (Telstra)
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