freematics hub and obd

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freematics hub and obd

Post by oriebirj »

Hi Stanley,

Need your support on 3 questions.

1) Installed hub on my server. From the builder i can see it connects and sends data.
From the server can also see data getting stored in data folder:

But when I connect to the website after login I get:
Server under maintenance (status: 404)

2) Is it possible to store this data in mysql database? If you dont have it yet, could you point me the right direction?

3) regarding OBD when point to my traccar server, I cant see any data regarding OBD and that is one of the reason Im trying HUB.
What type of inputs can I expect in HUB?
Couldnt see any details on that. Do you have it in anywhere in your site?

Appreciate you help.
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