looking for a hardware recommendation.

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looking for a hardware recommendation.

Post by voklav »

Hello everyone.
complete noob here :oops:
I'm looking for a hardware recommendation.

In short, my project is as follows:
Send OBD2 + GPS data from family cars to self-hosted Traccar. Then some magic calculations of fuel consumption, etc, and a nice grafana dashboard will show the results.

I don't know what hardware to buy for the OBD2 part.

I want to reduce costs to zero. I.e. I want to avoid buying additional sim cards. Cloning/duplicate sim card is not an option at the moment.
I imagine two possible scenarios:

1: store recorded data on an SD card and send it to the Traccar server when wifi is available. (Maybe a relay will be needed to supply electricity for a certain time until the data is uploaded after the car is stopped)

2: obd2 device gets internet through an android Wifi hotspot. (note: every android phone will have the same hotspot SSID/pass and will be activated with an NFC tag on the phone holder)

Why am I not using the Android Traccar client? Because it does not collect OBD2 data. I need the obd2 fuel level, revs, current speed, temperature .. etc.

So ...
What hardware would you recommend I get? :|

edit: I order
Freematics ONE+ Traccar Edition
Product Code: F1P-T
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Re: looking for a hardware recommendation.

Post by distancecue »

Freematics ONE+ model A if you don't need cellular, otherwise model B.
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